20 years of Science and Innovation

Domingos Barbosa

Senior Researcher

Academic position: Assitant Professor (FEUP)

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, USA

Major research topics

  • Separation Processes and Applied Thermodynamics.
  • Supercritical Extraction.
  • Magnetic Separation.
  • Reactive Distillation.
  • Simulation Models for Unit Operations.

Selected Publications

Castelo-Grande, T., Augusto, P.A., Estévez, A.M., Barbosa, D., Rodríguez, J.M., Álvaro, A., Torrente C. “Magnetically stabilized and fluidized beds in science and technology – A review”, Handbook of Porous Media, Third edition, edited by Kambiz Vafai, CRC Press, New York, USA, (2015), 113-155.

Castelo-Grande, T., Augusto, P.A., Monteiro, P., Barbosa, D. ”Design and application of a membrane bioreactor unit to upgrade and enhance the required performance of an installed wastewater treatment plant”, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, (2010), 5, 73-82.

Estévez, A.M, Rodriguez, J.M., Álvaro, A., Augusto, P.A., Jiménez, O., Castelo-Grande, T., Barbosa, D., ”Preparation, characterization and testing of magnetic carriers for arsenic removal from water”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, (2008), 44(11), 4436-4439.

Lima, R.M., Salcedo, R.L., Barbosa, D. ”SIMOP: Efficient reactive distillation optimization using stochastic optimizers”, Chemical Engineering Science, (2006), 61, 1718-1739.

Castelo-Grande, T., Augusto, P.A., Barbosa, D., ”Removal of pesticides from soil by supercritical extraction – A preliminary study”, Chemical Engineering Journal, (2005), 111, 167-171.


Email: dbarbosafe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 508 1660

Room: E314

Laboratory: E304A

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