20 years of Science and Innovation

José Carlos Magalhães Pires

assistant Researcher

Background: PhD in Environmental Engineering – Faculty of Engineering of Porto, Portugal

Major research topics

  • Air Pollution.
  • CO2 capture.
  • Microalgal cultures.
  • Process Integration.
  • Process Modelling.
  • Statistical analysis.

Selected Publications

A.L. Gonçalves, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, F.G. Martins, M. Simões, J.C.M. Pires, 2016. Integration of Microalgae-Based Bioenergy Production into a Petrochemical Complex: Techno-Economic Assessment. Energies 9 (4), 224.

N.F.P. Silva, A.L. Gonçalves, F.C. Moreira, T.F.C.V. Silva, F.G. Martins, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, R.A.R. Boaventura, V.J.P. Vilar, J.C.M. Pires, 2015. Towards sustainable microalgal biomass production by phycoremediation of a synthetic wastewater: A kinetic study. Algal Research 11, 350-358.

J.C.M. Pires, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, F.G. Martins, M. Simões, 2012. Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gases using Microalgae: Engineering Aspects and Biorefinery Concept, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16(5), 3043–3053.

J.C.M. Pires, F.G. Martins, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, M. Simões, 2011. Recent Developments on Carbon Capture and Storage: an Overview, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 89 (9), 1446-1460.

J.C.M. Pires, S.I.V. Sousa, M.C. Pereira, M.C.M. Alvim-Ferraz, F.G. Martins, 2008. Management of Air Quality Monitoring Using Principal Component and Cluster Analysis – Part I: SO2 and PM10. Atmospheric Environment 42 (6), 1249-1260.

Selected Projects

“Process Optimization and Development: Energy and Sustainability”, reference SAESCTN-PIIC&DT\1\2011. Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy. Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto. Role: Researcher.


Email: jcpiresfe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 508 2262

Room: E221

Laboratory: E201

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