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About us

LEPABE is a research unit of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. It has been evaluated as “Excellent” in consecutive external evaluations appointed by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia). It counts with approximately 220 researchers, among which about 80 have doctoral degrees.

LEPABE´s mission is to develop innovative processes and products to respond effectively to societal challenges, using the basis of chemical and biological engineering to improve the quality of life, in a sustainable and safe way. In fact, LEPABE’s activities try to respond to the society’s need for new products and energy sustainable processes, combining eco-efficiency and health concerns with economically sound design and operation.

Our goals are in line with the Horizon Europe common strategic priorities, focusing on research excellence, industrial competitiveness and societal challenges, particularly: (i) Strengthen the excellence in science; (ii) Increase knowledge in key technologies, focusing in advanced manufacturing and processing, advanced materials, nanotechnologies and biotechnology, to enhance regional competitiveness of industry of the Northern region of Portugal; (iii) Provide solutions to help address major concerns shared by society, making renewable energy more affordable, ensuring food safety, solving emergent problems affecting water and air quality and efficiently recycling industrial residues.

To support its mission LEPABE is structured into 5 thematic groups:

This organization is based on 3 pillars of development: Sustainability and Energy, Processes and Products, Environment and Health.  Cross-feeding of different fields is emphasized and scientists are stimulated to cooperate with colleagues from different specialized subjects (both inside and outside of LEPABE’s boundaries), increasing synergies and seeking advances in interfacial areas.








LEPABE is also strongly committed with advanced training of young researchers, both in academic and industrial contexts.

The governance model of LEPABE is defined by its statutes and comprises:

1. The Scientific Coordinator (SCO) – represents LEPABE and coordinates the activities and promotes and catalyzes the strategies of the R&D unit:

2. The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) – formed by two members from each research group, is responsible, together with the SCO, for developing the strategic plan of the R&D unit, preparing annual scientific and financial reports, organizing LEPABE meeting, among others:

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