25 years of Science and Innovation



The Biotechnology research group has two major thrust areas, one dedicated to the study of biofilm development and control, and another focusing on marine microorganism-based engineering. The R&D strategy is aligned with the priority areas of the RIS3, particularly on the Production Technologies and Process Industries, as well as in Natural Resources and the Environment (agro-food and sea economy).

Major research topics

  • Biofilm Science and Engineering, with applications to the industrial and health sectors.
  • Biofilm control and eradication by reducing initial adhesion, changing the cell-cell and cell-surface interactions or altering the microbial metabolism
  • Beneficial biofilms for the production of energy and other added-value products
  • Nucleic acid mimics for microorganism detection and elimination in biofilms
  • Marine and Food Bioengineering, with applications to the synthesis and extraction of added-value compounds, nutraceutical ingredients and probiotic agents
  • Development of advanced bioreactors and downstream processing optimization for microalgal processes



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