25 years of Science and Innovation


Email: ccostafe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 508 1670

Room: E224

Carlos Costa

Senior Researcher

Academic position: Professor Emeritus

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering of Porto, Portugal

Major research topics

  • Environmental and Process System Engineering: Development of reduced and hybrid models, non-continuous process planning, process design and optimization, industrial water network optimization.
  • Analysis of Environmental Systems and Sustainable Development.
  • Transformation of wood products (milling/drying and finishing processes in the wood agglomerate and paper industry).
  • End-line technologies (chemical and phototochemical oxidation of wastewaters and solid wastes).
  • Higher Education policy and and research management.

Selected Publications

Xará, S. Almedia, M.F., Costa, C. "Life cycle assessment of three different management options for spent alkaline batteries" Waste Management, (2015), 43, 460-484.

Mata, T.M., Caetano, N.S., Costa, C.A.V., Sikdar, S.K., Martins, A.A. "Sustainability analysis of biofuels through the supply chain using indicators" Source of the DocumentSustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, (2013), 3, 53-60.

Coelho, C., Garrido, N., Martins, J., Carvalho, L., Costa, C. "Wood and Wood-based Panel Machining Quality"  (Book Chapter), (2013), 27-82.

Madeira, A.C., Carravilla, M.A., Oliveira, J.F., Costa, C.A.V. "Document A methodology for sustainability evaluation and reporting in higher education institutions" Higher Education Policy, (2011), 24(4), 459-479.

Claro, J., Costa, C.A.V. "A made-to-measure indicator for cross-disciplinary bibliometric ranking of researchers performance" Scientometrics, (2011), 86 (1), 113-123.

Selected Projects

"OHPAN - Environmental compatible production of wood particle agglomerate from wood of different species and wood residues" (13-05-04-FDR-00025), promoted by SONAE Industria S.A. and funded by Agência Nacional de Inovação (IDEA programme). Beginning: 2006. Duration: 28 months. Role: Principal investigator for FEUP's team.

"Ecopharmabuilding - Eco-Innovation of Pharmaceutical Buildings Supporting in Sustainable LCA Tool" (ECO/08/239082/SI2.540164), promoted by Altair Ingeniería and funded by the European Commission (CIP - Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme). Beginning: 2009. Duration: 36 months. Role: Senior researcher.

"Chemical Engineering: Process Optimization and Energy Conversion" (NORTE-07-0124-FEDER-000026), funded by Programa Operacional Regional do Norte - ON.2. Beginning: 2014. Duration: 18 months. Role: Senior researcher.

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