20 years of Science and Innovation

Carlos Miguel

Junior Researcher

Background: PhD in Chemical Engineering – Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal

Major research topics

  • CO2 capture and utilization
  • Power-to-Gas processes
  • Multifunctional reactors
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Membrane and adsorption separation processes
  • Modeling and simulation of chemical reactors


Selected Publications

C.V. Miguel, A. Mendes, L.M. Madeira. “An overview of the Portuguese energy sector and perspectives for Power-to-Gas implementation”, Energies, (2018), 11 (12), p. 3259.

A.C. Faria, C.V. Miguel, L.M. Madeira, “Thermodynamic analysis of the CO2 methanation reaction with in situ water removal for biogas upgrading”, Journal of CO2 Utilization (2018), 26, p.271.

C.V. Miguel, A. Mendes, L.M. Madeira, “Intrinsic kinetics of CO2 methanation over an industrial nickel-based catalyst, Journal of CO2 Utilization (2018), 25, p. 128

C.V. Miguel, M.A. Soria, A. Mendes, L.M. Madeira, “A sorptive reactor for CO2 capture and conversion to renewable methane”, Chemical Engineering Journal (2017), 322, p.590.

C.V. Miguel, R. Trujillano, V. Rives, M.A. Vicente, A. F. P. Ferreira, A.E. Rodrigues, A. Mendes, L.M. Madeira, “High temperature CO2 sorption with gallium-substituted and promoted hydrotalcites”, Separation and Purification Technology (2014), 127, p.202.

C.V.  Miguel, A. Mendes, S. Tosti, L.M. Madeira,  "Effect  of  CO  and  CO2  on  H2 permeation  through  Pd-Ag  membranes  with  a  finger-like  configuration”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, (2012), 37, 17, p.12680.


Selected Projects

“Power2Methane - Renewable Power Conversion into Methane with CO2 Capture and Utilization” (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-030277), funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. Beginning: 2018. Duration: 36 months. Role: Junior Researcher. http://power2methane.fe.up.pt

"Sorption-Enhanced Membrane Reactors using Monolith-Supported Catalysts for High-Purity Hydrogen Production" (PTDC /EQU-ERQ/098730/2008), funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. Beginning: 2010. Duration: 42 months. Role: Project Researcher.

"iTeach - Improving Teaching Effectiveness in Chemical Engineering Education“, funded by the European Commission (LLP/Action, “Erasmus Multilateral Projects - EAC/507/12). Beginning: 2013. Duration: 36 months. Role: Project Researcher. http://research.ncl.ac.uk/iteacheu



Email: cvmiguelfe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 041 4947

Room: INESC 4.10

Laboratory: E-146

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