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LEPABE meeting 2023 - July 5th


09:00 - Registration

09:30 – 10:15 - Opening session

10:15 – 11:00 - Energy Decarbonisation: Riding the Crest of the Wave (PRR)

(Adélio Mendes, Moderator: Carlos Costa)

11:00 - 11:30 – Coffee Break

11:30 – 12:15 - ERA Chair - Internationalisation and Research Capacity

(Nuno Azevedo, Moderator: Luís Melo)

12:15 – 12:45 PSIPW Pitch Presentations

12:45 – 14:00 - Lunch and group photo

14:00 – 16:15 R&D&I at LEPABE – Session I

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy (Moderator: Tânia Lopes)

• Solar Redox Flow Cells – From the Genesis to the Market (Paula Dias)

• Are Perovskite Solar Cells Still Competitive? (Vera Duarte)

• Seawater Mining for Feeding the Emerging Technologies of Energy from Renewable Sources (Sofia Delgado)


SDG 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure (Moderator: Nídia Caetano)

• ARCP CoLAB - Collaborative Innovation on Polymer Materials (Fernão Magalhães)

• Novel Platform for Continuous Processes: Practical Examples (António Ferreira)

• Drawing Inspiration from Nature to Create Antifouling Surfaces for the Food Industry (Luciana Gomes)


SDG 13: Climate Action (Moderator: Nuno Ratola)

• Sustainable Ligno-cellulosic Composites for Furniture, Construction and Packaging Applications Using a Circular Economy Approach (Luísa Carvalho)

• The Use of Multifunctional Reactors in Response to the Sustainable Development Goals (Miguel Soria)

• Impact of Shipping Atmospheric Emissions on Climate and on Human Health (Rafael Nunes)


16:15 - 16:45 – Coffee Break

16:45 – 19:00 R&D&I at LEPABE – Session II

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation (Moderator: José Carlos Pires)

• Legionella & Biofilms – Integrated Monitoring Strategies Towards Outbreaks Prevention (Ana Pereira)

• Mitigating the Presence of Anticancer Drugs in Worldwide Wastewaters: Is Nanofiltration an Effective Option? (Teresa Gouveia)


SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities (Moderator: Joana Dias)

• Challenges and Opportunities in the Valorisation of Sewage Sludge (Vera Homem)

• We Will Need a New Recipe to Feed the World in the Future (Tânia Tavares)


SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being (Moderator: Carina Almeida)

• Engineered Nanoformulations for Targeted Brain Tumor Delivery (Maria João Ramalho)

• Air Quality and Respiratory Health – Unravelling the Hidden Impacts on Schoolchildren and Firefighters (Sofia Sousa)

• Harnessing Nature's “Wisdom” to Chart a Ground-breaking Approach to Combat “Superbugs” (Anabela Borges)

• Promoting Healthy Indoor and Outdoor Environments with a Spotlight on Endocrine Disruptors (Klara Slezáková)

• 2D-Nanomaterials for Cancer Phototherapy (Artur Pinto)


19:00 – Closing ceremony


LEPABE meeting 2023 will be held in Porto de Leixões Cruise Terminal. It is a small port complex created by the Administration of the Ports of Douro and Leixões, located in Molhe Sul (Matosinhos). The main building harbour 2 programmatic components: a terminal for cruise ships, and the Sea Pole of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto.


Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões

Av. Geneneral Norton de Matos 23

4450-159 Matosinhos

GPS: Latitude: 41.176818, Longitude: -8.702432.


How to get there by public transportation:

By Metro: exit on station Matosinhos sul  (blue line - A) (15 min walk)

By Bus:

Bus line 111 (Mar shopping) from Hosp. S. João, leave at "Godinho" stop (10 min walk)

Bus line 205 (Castelo do Queijo) from Hosp. S. João, leave at "Pr. Cid. Salvador" stop (20 min walk)


Institutional Partners

This event was financially supported by LA/P/0045/2020 (ALiCE), UIDB/00511/2020 and UIDP/00511/2020 (LEPABE), funded by national funds through FCT/MCTES (PIDDAC).

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