25 years of Science and Innovation




Phone: +351 22 041 4854

Room: E421

Laboratory: E202

Junior Researcher

Background: PhD in Applied Engineering – University of Antwerp, Belgium

Miguel Duarte

Major research topics

  • Electrochemical Reduction of CO2
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • Redox Flow batteries
  • Sodium Ion Batteries
  • Electrochemical Recovery of Metals from Lithium Ion Batteries


Selected Publications

De Mot, B., Hereijgers, J., Duarte, M., Breugelmans, T. “Influence of Flow and Pressure Distribution inside a Gas Diffusion Electrode on the Performance of a Flow-by CO2 Electrolyzer”. Chemical Engineering Journal (2019), 378, 122224.

Duarte, M., De Mot, B., Hereijgers, J., Breugelmans, T. “Electrochemical Reduction of CO2: Effect of Convective CO2 Supply in Gas Diffusion Electrodes”. ChemElectroChem (2019), 6, 5596–5602.

Irtem, E., Esteban, D. A., Duarte, M., Choukroun, D., Lee, S., Ibáñez, M., Bals, S., Breugelmans, T. “Ligand-Mode Directed Selectivity in Cu-Ag Core- Shell Based Gas Diffusion Electrodes for CO2 Electroreduction”. ACS Catal, (2020), 10, 13468–13478.

Duarte, M., Daems, N., Hereijgers, J., Arenas-esteban, D., Bals, S., Breugelmans, T. “Enhanced CO2 Electroreduction with Metal-Nitrogen-Doped Carbons in a Continuous Flow Reactor”. Journal of CO2 Utilization, (2021), 50, 101583.

Duarte, M., Hereijgers, J., Daems, N., van Daele, S., Breugelmans, T. “The Importance of Target Product Engineering for Long-Term Operation of CO2 zero-Gap Electrolysers”. J Environ Chem Eng, (2022), 10, 107836.


Selected Projects

“NGS – New Generation Storage” (C644936001-00000045), funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) and by European Funds NextGeneration EU. Beginning:2023. Duration 36 months. Role: Researcher

“Feasibility study towards an industrial CO2 electrolyzer design (STACkED)”, funded by the IOF - Industrial Research Fund. Beginning:2018. Duration 48 months. Role: Researcher

“E-NOx: Valorização de correntes de N2O e NOx em reações de oxidação através de processos eletroquímicos” (POCI-01-0247-FEDER-039926), funded by Agência Nacional de Investigação (ANI). Beginning:2018. Duration 36 months. Role: Researcher

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