25 years of Science and Innovation

Junior Researcher

Background: PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of Porto, Portugal

Maria João Ramalho

Major research topics

  • Development and characterization of nanomaterials for the diagnosis and therapeutics applications
  • Engineered nanoparticles to fight drug resistance on glioblastoma multiforme therapy
  • Targeting the blood-brain barrier for the treatment of brain diseases
  • Biomimetics membrane models for drug-membrane interaction studies


Selected Publications

Torres, D. I., Loureiro, J. A., Coelho, M.A.C., Pereira, M. C. and Ramalho, M.J. Drug delivery in glioblastoma therapy: a review on nanoparticles targeting MGMT-mediated resistance. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, 19(11), 2022.

Ramalho, M.J., Loureiro, J. A., Coelho, M.A.C. and Pereira, M. C. Transferrin Receptor-Targeted Nanocarriers: Overcoming Barriers to Treat Glioblastoma. Pharmaceutics, 14(2), 279, 2022.

Ramalho, M.J., Bravo, M., Loureiro, J. A., Lima, J. and Pereira, M. C. Transferrin-modified nanoparticles for targeted delivery of Asiatic acid to glioblastoma cells. Life Sciences, 296, 120435, 2022.

Ramalho, M. J., Andrade, S., Coelho, M. A. N., Loureiro, J. A., and Pereira, M. C. Biophysical interaction of temozolomide and its active metabolite with biomembrane models: The relevance of drug-membrane interaction for Glioblastoma Multiform therapy. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics. 136, 156-163, 2019.

Ramalho, M.J., Sevin, E., Gosselet, F., Lima, J., Coelho, M. A., Loureiro, J.A. and Pereira, M. C. Receptor-mediated PLGA nanoparticles for glioblastoma multiforme treatment. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 545(1–2), 84–92, 2018.


Selected Projects

“Engineered nano-based device for glioblastoma multiforme therapy” (M-ERA-NET3/0001/2021) Beginning: 2022. Duration 36 months. Role: Researcher.

“Nanotech-double functionalized particles to transport Nucleic Acid Mimics against Staphylococcus Aureus” (EXPL/NAN-MAT/0209/2021). Beginning: 2022. Duration 18 months. Role: Co-Principal Investigator.

“TAT-TrkB, a novel neuroprotective compound to fight Alzheimer´s disease” (MB-35-2021). Beginning: 2022. Duration 36 months. Role: Researcher.

“Bioengineered nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery in glioblastoma multiforme therapy” (PMdS - Maratona da Saúde Prize for Cancer Research 2019 Edition). Beginning: 2020. Duration 24 months. Role: Researcher.

"NANOEFEct - Nanoparticle-Enhanced Molecular Fluorescence-endoscopy for Detection of Early-stage Colorectal Adenocarcinomas" (ERA-NET: CANCER12-FP-052). Beginning: 2014. Duration 36 months. Role: Researcher.




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Room: E221

Laboratory: E204A; E205

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