25 years of Science and Innovation

Process Systems Engineering


This research group is focused on the challenges related to: i) modeling, simulation and optimization of processes in the chemical and refining industries; ii) application of multivariate statistical methods and models in chemometrics, process operation decisions and air pollution; and iii) magnetic separation processes.

Major research topics

  • Process modelling, simulation and optimization: Development of simulation models and application of methodologies based on pinch technology and other approaches for increasing sustainability in industrial processes;
  • Multivariate Statistical Methods and Models: Chemometrics - Application of near-infrared spectroscopy and/or nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy combined with multivariate statistical models for predicting physical-chemical properties of petroleum products and paints composition; Cluster analysis - Application of clustering tools for defining similarities between crude oils; Air Pollution - Forecasting and better-understanding of indoor and outdoor air pollutants.
  • Magnetic separation processes: Optimization of design variables and its performance.

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