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Diogo Narciso

Teresa Castelo Grande

Process Systems Engineering


Challenges related to environment, health and energy are tackled at this research group. Engineering expertise is applied towards process optimization in order to achieve best economic and energy performance while simultaneously reducing ecological footprint.

Computational simulation and modelling in the environmental and health area are a key focus of this group, providing solutions for predicting behaviour of environmental pollutants and to better understand mechanisms of macromolecular assemblies.

Beyond this, alternative separation techniques are being developed for improving separation processes.

Major research topics

  • Modelling, simulation, control, optimization, synthesis and design of different processes - application to chemical and environmental engineering fields, using a wide range of process systems engineering tools.
  • Multivariate statistical methods and models – Forecasting and better understanding of atmospheric pollutants.
  • Molecular dynamic simulation - biochemistry computational dynamic simulation combined with NMR analyses to apprehend the mechanisms involved in macromolecular assemblies’ interactions with cellular interfaces and to attain likelihoods of biomolecular organization in organic systems.
  • Development of a new separation techniques - Magnetic classification: proof-of-concept of magnetic classification and study and optimization of design variables and its performance.

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