20 years of Science and Innovation

Vanessa Guimarães

Junior Researcher

Background: PhD in Environmental Geochemistry from Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, Portugal

Major research topics

  • Wastewater clean-up technologies
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Photo-catalysis
  • Mesoporous materials
  • Natural composites


Selected Publications

J. Jiménez-Jiménez, M. Algarra, V. Guimarães, I. Bobos, E. Rodríguez-Castellón, The Application of Functionalized Pillared Porous Phosphate Heterostructures for the Removal of Textile Dyes from Wastewater, Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 10 (2017) 1111.

V. Guimarães, E. Rodríguez-Castellón, M. Algarra, F. Rocha, I. Bobos, Influence of pH, layer charge location and crystal thickness distribution on U(VI) sorption onto heterogeneous dioctahedral smectite, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 317 (2016) 246-258.

V. Guimarães, E. Rodríguez-Castellón, M. Algarra, F. Rocha, I. Bobos, Kinetics of uranyl ions sorption on heterogeneous smectite structure at pH4 and 6 using a continuous stirred flow-through reactor, Applied Clay Science, 134 (2016) 71-82.

V. Guimarães, M. Azenha, F. Rocha, F. Silva, I. Bobos, Influence of pH, concentration and ionic strength during batch and flow-through continuous stirred reactor experiments of Sr2+-adsorption onto montmorillonite, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 303 (2015) 2243-2255.

A.R. Silva, V. Guimarães, L. Carneiro, N. Nunes, S. Borges, J. Pires, Â. Martins, A.P. Carvalho, Copper(II) aza-bis(oxazoline) complex immobilized onto ITQ-2 and MCM-22 based materials as heterogeneous catalysts for the cyclopropanation of styrene, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 179 (2013) 231-241.


Selected Projects

Project “VOCAdvanced POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029642: Tratamento Simultâneo de Efluentes Gasosos e Líquidos Contendo Compostos Orgânicos Voláteis por Processos Oxidativos Avançados.

Project Innovine&Wine: BPD/UTAD/INNOVINE&WINE/WINEMAKING/754/2016 (NORTE 2020); Winery wastewater treatment and managing/valorization of by-products.

FCT Project SFRH / BD / 79969 / 2011 (PhD): Study of stability, reactivity and longevity of clay barriers used in the sealing processes under extreme conditions of pH.

FCT Project PTDC/QUI/64770/2006: Catalytic Oxidation by transition metal complexes immobilized in nanostructured materials.

FCT Project KADRWaste (PTDC/CTE-GEX/82678/2006): Geomaterials characterization; Batch and flow-through experiments of Strontium adsorption onto geomaterials: Influence of pH, concentration and ionic strength.


Email: vsguimafe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 041 4742

Room: E113

Laboratory: E-146

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