25 years of Science and Innovation


Email: yivanovafe.up.pt

Phone: +351 22 041 4854

Room: E421

Laboratory: E202

Junior Researcher

Background: PhD in Chemistry - Belarusian State University, Belarus

Selected Projects

“BluEnergy: Design and development of low‐cost redox flow batteries with high longevity and respective productive process” (POCI‐01‐0247‐FEDER‐046846), co-financed by FEDER (COMPETE2020 programm). Beginning: 2020. Duration: 36 months. Role: Researcher.

“SusPhotoSolutions - Soluções Fotovoltaicas Sustentáveis” (CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-000005). Beginning: 2017. Duration: 36 months. Role: Researcher.

“Phase transformations, microstructural, compositional and texture effects in nanostructured perovskite-related oxide materials for oxygen storage, catalytic and electrode applications” (IF/00280/2012/CP0172/CT0006), funded by FCT. Beginning: 2013. Duration: 60 months. Role: Researcher.

Major research topics

  • Redox flow batteries
  • Highly porous cellular ceramics
  • Oxide nanomaterials for catalytic application
  • Electrochemistry


Selected Publications

Ivanova, Yu.A., Lopes, D.V., Durana, E., Lisenkov, A., Frade, J. R., Kovalevsky, A.V. Microstructural design of cellular 3YTZ-Al2O3 ceramic membrane, Ceramics International, (2021), Vol. 47, P. 1040-1046.

Ivanova, Yu.A., Freitas, C., Lopes, D.V., Kovalevsky, A.V., Frade, J.R. Cellular zirconia ceramics processed by direct emulsification, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, (2020), Vol. 40, P. 2056-2062.

Shaula, A.L., Karavai, O.V., Ivanova, Yu.A., Mikhalev, S.M., Tarelho, L.A.C. Strontium ferrite as a three-way catalyst component, Materials Letters, (2018), Vol. 216, P. 273-276.

Ivanova, Yu.A., Monteiro, J.F., Horovistiz, A.L., Ivanou, D.K., Mata, D., Silva, R.F., Frade, J.R.. Electrochemical deposition of Fe and Fe/CNTs composites from strongly alkaline hematite suspensions, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, (2015), Vol. 45, P. 515-522.


Yuliya Ivanova

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